Airbnb is going a step further to protect travelers from dishonest operators

Airbnb is going a step further to protect travelers from dishonest operators

Airbnb Will Now Warn Travelers About Hidden Cleaning Fees

The popular short-term rental site says it’s going a step further to ensure travelers take its services seriously.

After a long-running public fight with travelers that it says left it vulnerable to unscrupulous operators, Airbnb has finally gone a step further in protecting travelers from dishonest operators.

“Airbnb is committed to working with every travel authority on the planet to create fair and transparent policies and regulations, in line with the principles set forth in our code of conduct,” said Airbnb founder and chief executive Brian Chesky in a statement. “Airbnb’s recent experience shows that we also firmly believe that the best way to help all travelers stay safer in their travels is to clearly communicate with them before, during, and after their stay.”

The company unveiled a new policy Tuesday that will remind travelers that they can choose not to pay to clean up after their guests, if they choose to. The practice was called “clean the mess,” and was an integral part of the company’s business model. While there is nothing technically wrong with this practice, it can be a disincentive for travelers who have an honest desire to keep the space clean.

Airbnb has been subject to criticism for “clean the mess” over the past year, especially after a report in The Verge showed that it provided cleaning services for less than half the price of what an equivalent cleaning service would charge. The site was also criticized by a group of travel industry experts last year, who warned that travelers were less likely to choose Airbnb for their vacation if the service’s cleaning fee was not included in the price.

Airbnb is now following through on those recommendations, according to the company.

To make it clear that its clean the mess policy isn’t intended to give travelers a break, the company says it will add an “Airbnb Clean the Mess” section to the homepage of its website, where travelers have been sent two to three weeks before travel if they want

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