50 tornadoes spotted, 1 dead, 1 in West Virginia as deadly monsoon plows into Southern states


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A line of powerful tornadoes tore through Kentucky on Monday, with a total of 50 funnel clouds spotted as the storms slammed into the state, leaving some as much as a mile-and-a-half wide.

Several cars and trucks are upside down after an EF3 tornado ripped through the Dixie Highway area in Louisville.

The National Weather Service confirmed that 60 percent of the 400-acre Dixie Road-Vidor area was destroyed or damaged by tornadoes.

Three people were killed and nine injured during the storms. At least 11,000 homes were destroyed or severely damaged in the two counties struck Monday.

As other parts of the Southern states suffered, an incident in West Virginia was captured on social media, showing damage left behind after being hit by a tornado.

During the morning, several sightings were seen coming from eastern and southern Kentucky.

Several people have been hospitalized with injuries as a result of the powerful tornadoes.

Downtown Louisville also saw some destruction.

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