18 boozy cocktails perfect for Christmas

Don’t expect the chiller cabinet to keep the house from freezing this festive season. Perhaps these boozy alternatives will please those without alcohol on their list.

Sweet winter fruit drinks

Fancy a cosy break? Try some Chinese donuts (dregs), refreshing cognac (wok and pop) or a warming cider (chill)

Häagen-Dazs Winterbuds Ale

Classic seasonal ale, this alcoholic one is made with golden maple syrup and a pinch of ginger which you can sip in the family room (or even the kitchen).

Strawberry liqueur

Give this a go: you will find out just how much you like it with a night of gracing the stars. Fruit liqueur works just as well for chocolate as for strawberry, is more sophisticated than hot chocolate or milkshake and the kick will motivate the whole family.

Chocolate schnapps

Chocolate is not limited to Christmas celebrations. Glaceau Winterchill Sours is a boozy winter schnapps made with brown sugar and maple syrup.

Oak whisky

Whether you drink the whisky straight or with ice, it will soothe your back. Oyster Bay winterwhite is the quintessential whisky at Christmas and you can pour yourself a celebratory sip (and try the oyster-scented lemon balm twist and pear-infused cranberry for added flavour)

Buon acqua verso, brut, brut noir, brut brut rosso

Older wines, winter white, red

Christmas does not have to be the wine for you. Buon acqua verso (very glass) is sweet in flavour, allemand brochette is traditional Christmas warm beer, so you can get ready for the festivities with these bubbly cocktail puddings.

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