10 things not to pack for your trip

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1. Otto Travel Small Organiser, Spinner and Shopping Bag The Small Organiser fits into its own cubby for quick and compact storage and it can be used as a spice rack, bottle rack or between a few other items. What are you packing: You’ll need a toolkit for the job and this is handy: It features a butter knife, scissors, a paperclip, some oatmeal and a paper towel. You’ll also need a pair of scissors, a bottle opener and nail clippers if you are still journeying with empty bottles. You’ll also need a hairdryer, scissors, cologne, perfume, lotion, scissors, hairspray, gift cards, books, tampons, gloves, tea bags, tissues, makeup remover and other provisions such as tweezers, eye moisturiser, lip balm, brushes, pens, notebooks, the works. When you’re finished, you can store the items in the bag. Price: £25.95


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